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This Invisible Bodysuit Is Quickly Becoming The Wardrobe Must-Have!

This Invisible Bodysuit is truly a game-changer for any Backless Outfit! It's used daily by more than 100.000 American Girls!!

Be honest with yourself...

We know how you feel, we are WOMEN TOO!

You know it better than us how is frustrating having a gorgeous Backless outfit but can’t put it on because you can’t find the right bra to go with it.

We know how stressful it gets for us (fellow humans with boobs). But, it shouldn’t.


Because there are countless life-changing solutions to any fashion problem you may ever face.

I can relate with what most of us go through daily:

😞 Having a gorgeous backless dress but can’t put it on because you can’t find the right bra to go with it;
😞 Having a beautiful collection of bras but none seems to make you look nipple-less;
😞 Having to reluctantly bond with friends, colleagues, and even your crush while drowning in underboob sweat.

Meanwhile, as a woman, you want to feel confident, desirable, and beautiful.

Hopefully, this story inspires you to try something NEW. 

Valera’s Story

“I bought a Shapewind Invisible Bodysuit for my brother’s wedding.

I’ve always loved the sleeveless romper, jumpsuit with neckline options, and backless dress, but I was lost when it came to finding a one-and-done bra that helps me remain nipple-less and supported on hot days when my sweat game is real and stay invisible on the back.

I tried several options but none seemed to fill the void I felt whenever I put on some of my favorite outfits to step out all guns blazing.

Until I came across this invisible Bodysuit on Facebook.

I was a little skeptical, but since it wasn’t so expensive, I decided to give it a try.I’ve been pleasantly surprised, I must admit. THIS BODYSUIT IS INCREDIBLE.

I’ve worn it a couple of times and it has stayed in place all night.

I've always struggled with finding the right bra for my backless tops and dresses.Pasties and tape didn't do the job for me (I'm a big breasted girl), especially when I wanted to wear the dress a full day. I found out about Shapewind's invisible bodysuit and it literally has changed my life!

I’m no longer worried when my sweat game is real because this invisible bra hugely limits underboob sweat and makes you feel less awkward around people. That's incredible!

This Bodysuit also gives me so much confidence!

...And finally all those dresses that were eating dust in my closet are now my go-to dresses! I don't have to worry about my bra showing or pasties falling of.

You get the support you need and a big bonus is that the body amplifies your natural silhouette and provides a seamless look under all of your outfits. Truly a "must-have" in every woman's closet!

Valera J.

And Valera’s story is not the only one! Hundreds of women are buying Shapewind Invisible Bodysuit!

The back is 100% invisible and the front stays up!

Get the support and look you want using Shapewind Invisible Bodysuit!

Shapewind Invisible Bodysuit is designed to provide cleavage and support, all while remaining invisible under clothing.

Shapewind Bodysuit stays completely hidden under your clothes so you can perfectly pull off fashionable outfits with plunging necklines or backless dress.

Commonly worn under wedding dresses, party dresses, and a variety of low-cut outfits and necklines!

100% Support For Your Breast!

Forget about "saggy" unsupported boobs in an open back garnment.The Invisible Bodysuit has padded cups and underwire support.

Your breast will be lifted and sculpted like you had an instant breast lift.

Wear Anything With Confidence

You know it better than us how is frustrating having a gorgeous Backless outfit but can’t put it on because you can’t find the right bra to go with it.

Finally with Shapewind™ Invisible Bodysuit you can say goodbye at all straps or panty line!

Don't worry about loose sillicone pads or boob tape that will come off when you sweat.

The shaper comes with extra clear straps and underwire support. 

Best part? You don't have to take off for pee!

Thanks the open crotch design this is the first Bodysuit you don't have to take off for pee! 

Women are going crazy for this and...

Shapewind™ Invisible Bodysuit went viral on social media for several months!

More than 100.000 happy customers can't be wrong!

Everyone Loves This Bodysuit…

It has over 1,000 5-Star Reviews! It's used daily by more than 100.000 American Girls!!

It’s easy to see why the Shapewind Invisible Bodysuit is becoming the must-have product!

Where can you get the Invisible Bodysuit?

The Invisible Bodysuit are sold exclusively on their website - However right now they are offering a one-time-only 55% discount plus FREE shipping on their site -


Hotly desired - Limited stock available.

Click the button above to see if Shapewind is still offering a 55% discount, 90 Day Fit guarantee and Free Shipping.

PLEASE NOTE: Ever since the Shapewind Bodysuits was featured on TV, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated and has since sold a lot of Bodysuits. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a 100% money back guarantee.


Stephanie 30 Minutes ago

I fell in love and order 2 more. I am 5’2” 157lb and this is a size 36. I have a little stomach but the way it’s hidden makes me so confident and sexy. Also give me the idea on what type of bathing suits to wear that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Again… I love it!!! Thanks

Monika 44 Minutes ago

This is the most amazing under garment. Forget the 'sticky' bras that don't stick or the body tape that literally rips your skin off. It is NOT shapewear, so don't expect it to be. What it is , is the answer to needing to wear a bra with a backless top/dress. You need to adjust where the bra straps clip on sides in order to give you the right breast support. You can adjust straps to several configurations. It's well made, and is as represented. I can wear anything , strapless, backless, halters etc without worry!

Nancy 57 Minutes ago

I used this underneath of my wedding dress. It provided all of the support I needed in the chest area! You could not see it at all though the back of the dress, and the clasp at the crotch really came in handy when using the bathroom.

Kayla 1 Hours ago

It’s just what I was looking for for years! Now finally I can wear the open back dresses. Of course it’s not the most comfortable bra, but what do you want, it doesn’t have back at all and only your shoulders holding your breast, but it serves its purpose well for the girls with boobs. I recommend this suit, it’s very practical!

Brittany 1 Hours ago

When I wear certain tops or dresses I really needed a bra that can fit my plunge lines as well as by backout outfits. This bodysuit is great because I am able to wear those outfits without showing my undergarments.

Katie 1 Hours ago

This is perfect for my backless cocktail dress. Fit as expected and the material and quality was much higher than I expected for the price. I will be ordering a nude one as well.

Elizabeth 2 Hours ago

I bought this to wear with a backless dress and it fitted as expected. It was so comfortable, and very discreet. I love the adjustable straps that can go low to give you that no show. It also controlled my mommy pouch, and gave me that smoothness in the front. I can feel more comfortable wearing anything I want.

Alexa 2 Hours ago

This product is surprisingly very supportive. And actually holds up the girls pretty well. I love that it goes well with my backless dresses. The straps moves easy, and it's more comfortable than it looks. A must have for summer and dressy events!

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