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How Shapewind Invisible Bodysuit Made me Instantly Dazzle in My Backless Dress!

This Invisible Bodysuit is truly a game-changer for any Backless Outfit! Used daily by more 100.000 American Girls.

Buying a wedding dress is the most exciting part of planning a wedding — from a woman’s perspective.

But not everyone has a smooth ride from engagement with your dream man, buying that gorgeous wedding dress, and nailing a memorable wedding day.


Because nerves usually set in after you’ve bought that dress.

Then you discover there’s much more you need to adjust to make the dress fit perfectly.

There are a couple of things that could affect your look in a wedding dress:

Belly fat, especially after gaining pandemic weight in that spot. Most of us have - trust me, I know.

You want to keep your breast lifted while ensuring the bra is invisible.

Want to feel good not having skin wobble around in your wedding dress.

Want to avoid visible lines in the thigh when walking down the aisle.

Nail a low cut dress front and back effortlessly.

I had almost all these worries before my wedding day, but I’m happy to confirm that because of Shapewind's Invisible Bodysuit I had a pretty memorable wedding day.

Patricia's Story

"A few months before my wedding, I was very excited because I’d bought a wedding dress online that looked ridiculously good.

Delivery took just about 12 days. I felt like a child receiving candy when I removed this dress from its package. It didn’t disappoint.

The dress looked just as gorgeous as I’d seen in the pictures.

Then the moment came for me to try it on. How quickly my joy faded. My postpartum struggle all came back to me in a flash!

Oh, yes! I’m a mother of one.

The dress was transparent in the centre where my stomach is.

Imagine how disgusted I felt after seeing all that belly fat, my skin wobbling all over, and my waist outrightly unromantic.

All these feelings with my wedding day close by. In that moment of demise, I remembered the adage — every problem shared is half solved.

So, I shared my worry on a social media platform seeking suggestions on what I could do to get more joy from wearing my wedding dress.

Someone suggested Shapewind’s Invisible Bodysuits.

I checked the features of the product and all the promised benefits.

I must admit, it convinced me. Now, the challenge was if it’d solve my problems.

I bought it, wasn’t as excited as I was when I received my wedding gown, but I was curious. I tried it on with my wedding dress and the effects were very pleasing to the eyes.

What Changed:

The seamless and backless design made it easy to wear.

It was invisible under my dress, so I did not worry about bra or panty lines.

Amazing breast lifting effects. I couldn’t help but notice my man staring all through our wedding night.

It helped to support my tummy, hide the belly of the abdomen and instantly shaped my body. I didn’t feel my skin wobbling all over.

Above all, it was comfy and made me look better.

To conclude, I don’t know what worries your wedding dress gives you.However, I’d like to guarantee you that Shapewind’s Invisible Bodysuit will take you one step closer to a dazzling wedding dress."

Patricia from New York City.

And this story is not the only one! Hundreds of women are buying Shapewind Invisible Bodysuit!

The back is 100% invisible and the front stays up!

Get the support and look you want using Shapewind Invisible Bodysuit!

Shapewind Invisible Bodysuit is designed to provide cleavage and support, all while remaining invisible under clothing.

Shapewind Bodysuit stays completely hidden under your clothes so you can perfectly pull off fashionable outfits with plunging necklines or backless dress.

Commonly worn under wedding dresses, party dresses, and a variety of low-cut outfits and necklines!

100% Support For Your Breast!

Forget about "saggy" unsupported boobs in an open back garnment.The Invisible Bodysuit has padded cups and underwire support.

Your breast will be lifted and sculpted like you had an instant breast lift.

They added Spandex to our shapers to give your body that extra snatch!

Wear Anything With Confidence

You know it better than us how is frustrating having a gorgeous Backless outfit but can’t put it on because you can’t find the right bra to go with it.

Finally with our Bodysuit you can say goodbye at all straps or panty line!

Don't worry about loose sillicone pads or boob tape that will come off when you sweat.

The shaper comes with extra clear straps and underwire support. 

And... You don't have to take off for pee!

Thanks the open crotch design this is the first Bodysuit you don't have to take off for pee! 

Women are going crazy for this and...

our Invisible Bodysuit went viral on Tiktok for several weeks!

Search #MyShapewind on TikTok app to see all the videos!

Everyone Loves This Bodysuit…

It has over 1,000 5-Star Reviews! It's used daily by more than 100.000 American Girls!!

It’s easy to see why the Shapewind Invisible Bodysuit is becoming the must-have product!

Where can you get the Invisible Bodysuit?

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PLEASE NOTE: Ever since the Shapewind Bodysuits was featured on TV, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated and has since sold a lot of Bodysuits. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a 100% money back guarantee.


Maegan 12 Minutes ago

These really came in handy. You couldn’t even tell I had on a bra. Super easy to put on and very comfortable.

Allyson 29 Minutes ago

this bra stayed on through 7 hours of 92° F weather and tons of dancing/jumping. it's flattering and works for low cut dresses

Riley 53 Minutes ago

Super comfy! I tried it on with a dress that I am due to wear to a wedding in 3 days and it turned out great! I can't see the outline through the dress, which was a big concern of mine. Approved!

Mary 1 Hours ago

It worked perfectly for my wedding day! I changed dresses for the reception into a backless one and didn’t even have to switch bras because it worked! Stayed on all night!!

Christine 1 Hours ago

I absolutely loved this product. It gave me the perfect amount of lift for my dress. I highly recommend.

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