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5 Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Thousands Of Women Are Buying This Invisible Bodysuit

Here's why women are loving this brand new invisible bodysuit.

1. It’s invisible, backless, seamless and the front stays up!

Anyone looking to nail a chic and striking look by showing some skin can use this backless bodysuit to guarantee it.

It’d ensure you don’t expose yourself wearing thin and soft fabrics.

You’ll effortlessly cover your body, attracting attention while being extremely comfy. You can wear this bodysuit under any dress: wedding dresses, casual outfits in backless designs, party gowns, and more...

It also provides mesmerizing support. Finally, you can forget tinkering with clips and straps!


2. Padded cups designed to support and make your breast amazing

If you were worried about this bodysuit not being able to handle your breast — Worry no more.

The padded cups in this bodysuit will assure comfort and function.

It adds fullness to the bust line, enhances the appearance of the breast, makes breast tissues firmer and fuller, and makes the breast look larger.

This invisible bodysuit guarantees a better shape and unlimited support.

Working women, nursing mothers, and small-breasted women will find Shapewind Invisible bodysuit as a life-changer.   


3. Open crotch design so you don't have to take it off to pee!

This bodysuit will give you a silhouette body shape and guarantee you comfort and flexibility.

With the open crotch design, you will not have to take off the entire body suit to pee.

It gives you that mental comfort, body comfort, and total assurance.

No irritations down there, no heat nor discomfort — just a seamless design that your man won’t be able to resist! 


4. Tummy control in stomach area and comfortable to wear all day

Those unforgiving dresses will have nothing on you.

This bodysuit will control all that weight in your midsection.

It’s soft and stretchy to ensure you don’t feel any bulkiness underneath your delicate dress.

Above all, it gives you the comfort to eat, sit and dance stress-free. You’ll still turn up even after postpartum. Your search stops here. 


5. It will be the last bodysuit you'll ever buy. Bye bye regular bra! 👋

Now you can wear a comfortable strapless bra that will hold your boobs together.

All those backless, neckless, and low-cut dresses you’ve avoided for so long will now be your best friend.

Shapewind has multiple sizes and will be ideal for you even if you have a small or larger breast. 



You deserve a bodysuit that fits just the way you want. If you're not thrilled with your product's fit, we'll send you a different size completely free of charge! 

Everyone Loves This Invisible Bodysuit...

It has over 1,000 5-Star Reviews! It's used daily by more than 100.000 American Girls!!

Comfy and well made
"Love this Backless bodysuit! Fit is good, comfy and very well made. They even included extra elastic straps!" Stephanie. Verified Buyer

Exactly what I was looking for!
"This is so easy, simple and works! I can worn all my backless dress finally. It also gives shape and makes you feel so confident!" Carol. Verified Buyer

I am hooked!!
"I was introduced to this site through TikTok so I ordered my first shapewear item and I'm glad I did because it saved my outfit and myself. I love that it comes in 3 colors and that it has a bunch of different ways to wear it under your outfit. I am hooked." Jenny. Verified Buyer

I always recommend this
"This is a must-have a bodysuit that could go from day to night! Endless options of dresses to wear it with, its completely seamless You could wear a low plunge dress a backless dress, sleeveless dress the choice is yours! I always recommend this to my friends as I get asked a lot what I wear under my outfits! 10/10" Megan. Verified Buyer

Perfect Fit
"I love wearing back out clothes and this the perfect fit!" Clara. Verified Buyer

We are selling fast! Limited stock available.


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Try Invisible Bodysuit today!

  • Straps are removable, adjustable, transparents and anti-slip.
  • Seamless thong back with hook & eye closure smoothes out camel toe and gives you easy bathroom access.
  • 100% BACKLESS under clothing, say goodbye to bra or panty lines!
  • Comfortable to wear for hours and perfect for any occasion where you really want to show your figure.
  • Breast lifting effect! There are built-in steel ring under chest cup that can provide support to your breast and beautify your breast shape.

PLEASE NOTE: Ever since the Shapewind Bodysuits was featured on TV, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated and has since sold a lot of Bodysuits. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a 30 Day Fit Guarantee.


Stephanie 30 Minutes ago

I fell in love and order 2 more. I am 5’2” 157lb and this is a size 36. I have a little stomach but the way it’s hidden makes me so confident and sexy. Also give me the idea on what type of bathing suits to wear that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Again… I love it!!! Thanks

Monika 44 Minutes ago

This is the most amazing under garment. Forget the 'sticky' bras that don't stick or the body tape that literally rips your skin off. It is NOT shapewear, so don't expect it to be. What it is , is the answer to needing to wear a bra with a backless top/dress. You need to adjust where the bra straps clip on sides in order to give you the right breast support. You can adjust straps to several configurations. It's well made, and is as represented. I can wear anything , strapless, backless, halters etc without worry!

Nancy 57 Minutes ago

I used this underneath of my wedding dress. It provided all of the support I needed in the chest area! You could not see it at all though the back of the dress, and the clasp at the crotch really came in handy when using the bathroom.

Kayla 1 Hours ago

It’s just what I was looking for for years! Now finally I can wear the open back dresses. Of course it’s not the most comfortable bra, but what do you want, it doesn’t have back at all and only your shoulders holding your breast, but it serves its purpose well for the girls with boobs. I recommend this suit, it’s very practical!

Brittany 1 Hours ago

When I wear certain tops or dresses I really needed a bra that can fit my plunge lines as well as by backout outfits. This bodysuit is great because I am able to wear those outfits without showing my undergarments.

Katie 1 Hours ago

This is perfect for my backless cocktail dress. Fit as expected and the material and quality was much higher than I expected for the price. I will be ordering a nude one as well.

Elizabeth 2 Hours ago

I bought this to wear with a backless dress and it fitted as expected. It was so comfortable, and very discreet. I love the adjustable straps that can go low to give you that no show. It also controlled my mommy pouch, and gave me that smoothness in the front. I can feel more comfortable wearing anything I want.

Alexa 2 Hours ago

This product is surprisingly very supportive. And actually holds up the girls pretty well. I love that it goes well with my backless dresses. The straps moves easy, and it's more comfortable than it looks. A must have for summer and dressy events!

Jenny 3 Hours ago

I was introduced to this site through TikTok so I ordered my first shapewear item and I'm glad I did because it saved my outfit and myself. I love that it comes in 3 colors and that it has a bunch of different ways to wear it under your outfit. I am hooked.

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