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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose BBL Padded Shorts Over BBL Surgery

Deciding between BBL Short and BBL surgery can be overwhelming.

After all, you want to look attractive and appealing in those top-quality dresses, swimsuits, or your wedding gown.

Thanks to celebrities like Nicky Minaj, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez, a curvy, feminine silhouette has defined mainstream beauty for so long. Social media has also helped in pushing this propaganda.

However, there’s a lot about BBL surgery that you may not know about. 

1. BBL Surgery Have The Highest Mortality Rate Of Any Cosmetic Surgery

In a recent study, out of 692 surgeons surveyed, 21 admitted to having lost a patient following the BBL surgery procedure.In May of 2022, NYPD corrections captain Tandra Bowser-Williams traveled to the Dominican Republic for a BBL.

After a couple of days, she, unfortunately, passed away from a massive stroke. Interestingly, her surgeon, Dr. Hector Cabral, a previously indicted person, is still operating without a medical license.

Note that the demand for Brazilian Butt Lift has increased the number of providers offering the procedure.

This surge in BBL surgery providers is a breeding ground for bogus and inexperienced surgeons who will cause you more harm than good. Best to be prudent. 

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2. Getting a BBL Will Eventually Go Out Of Style 

Trends come and go – that’s a fact. The BBL trend is no exception. Recently, Kim Kardashian has been causing a stir on social media. Fans have noticed that her famous butt, which set the BBL trend, is much smaller.

The new wave of early 2000s fashion is coming back to life. If you are thinking about BBL surgery, you may need to think again.

Many women are happier with belly chains and low-rise jeans. If you have to jump to put jeans on you'll face a harsh reality. Large butt and low-rise jeans don’t mix.In 2018, billionaire pop star Rihanna launched Savage x Fenty, a lingerie line celebrating all body sizes and shapes.

The era of body shaming is coming to an end as women around the world are embracing their peculiar body shapes. BBL surgery will soon go out of style. 

3. Shapewear is Much More Versatile and Comfortable 

Shapewear gives you a seamless look and works great with everything from form-fitting tops, skirts, leggings, tight dresses, and slim-cut jeans.

After having a BBL surgery, you may find difficulties wearing some outfits; on the contrary, shapewear is invisible under any clothing.

Final BBL results appear within six months. You'll need to be wary within this time.

Women may not sit directly on their buttocks for at least six weeks. With BBL Padded Shorts, the hip pads are suitable for any butt shape; they will comfortably make your booty larger, fuller, and sexier. 

4. BBLs Can Be 300x Expensive Compared to Shapewear

Brazillian butt lift costs between 10k to 15k: BBL Padded Shorts are almost 300x cheaper!

The total cost for BBLs will vary based on each person’s body and the desired result.

Clinic prices may vary based on factors such as the equipment used, the clinic’s accreditation, surgical staff, and the skill levels of the surgeon(s).

Getting BBL Padded Shorts will save you money, and it will guarantee longevity

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5. Surgery is Permanent while Shapewear is Not

Statistics show that plastic surgery patients have excellent results after BBL surgery for up to 10 years. Therefore, you should have the same round, perky shape to your rear as you did after surgery.

But there’s a catch – as long as you don’t put on or lose a lot of weight.As earlier mentioned, trends come and go.

Do you want to be stuck with something that's out of fashion for up to 10 years? With BBL Padded Shorts, you can always tweak it when necessary.

It is flexible and will ensure you adapt to any trend. The bottom line is that shapewear will guarantee a perfect hourglass silhouette and allow you to nail any desired look. 

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