Best Abs Workout at home for beginners

Best Abs Workout at home for beginners

Workout at home: abs

Workouts at home have become very popular nowadays due to its convenience and the busy schedules of people. When it comes to body shaping or fitness, what everyone wants the most is a flat stomach or six-pack abs even the girls of modern society look for the same.

No doubt they look great for the beach party, but stronger abs can give good support also to your spine. Different people choose different types of equipment and different techniques for a workout at home abs but it is always right to start with the basis workout methods and then gradually increase the intensity of the exercise to have the best result of your exercise.

Minimum tools like balls, exercise attire and a yoga mat are all needed to start the basic exercise at your home to achieve great abs. Workout at home abs is actually a regular practice that you can start by making a complete routine. Start with easy exercises and freehand workout.

You can go for the tough ones after achieving the simple techniques of exercise. You need to start with a simple warm-up and don’t forget to end the exercise with proper meditation, which is very much important to stay healthy while exercising.

Abs training is not only beneficial to shed some extra pound from your body but it gives you the strength to stay fit and to fight every challenge that we all face.

Here you will find some easy and some core exercise methods to get the dream abs and flat stomach. 

Slim down

Prior to working such abs, you can start by doing some other important physical activities to increase your heart rate, boost your metabolism and need to burn off some of your belly fat.

For such initial exercise, you don’t need to go out or practice in a gym. You can just warm up and can lose some weight by engaging in an intense circuit of workout. 

A fine exercise for fat loss can be stepping up on a chair. You can do this twenty times with each of your foot, or on any other stable surface available.

It should be about two feet off the ground. Follow this with other easy methods like jumping jacks, running on the spot or spots running, bodyweight squats and pushups etc for a serious weight loss program.

You should probably perform one minute for each of the exercises, and, if you are feeling energetic, you can also do a second round of each of them. Such a warm-up need to be included in all abs workouts for women at home.

Tone Up

If you are done with the warming up workouts, you can go for next stage. You can try some core abs exercises. Twist is a good option to start this process.

You need to put just a stock properly behind the head then put the posterior on the mat and then spread your legs. Keep your back always straight when doing it. To work on the oblique, you need to twist it gradually from one side to another. 

You can try the reverse crunches also and it very effective too. Just lie down flat on the yoga mat then bring the knees one by one towards the chest as like the previous position, push forward and then pull them. But keep the back flat on the floor always when doing it. 

You can do the core exercises but before knowing your health condition from the expert. You can do if they allow you like if you are suffering from PCOD, your instructor will suggest something different for you.

Add the core exercises into your regular workout routine but increase the intensity day by day. You can do them yourself or can ask your instructor to help you out for home exercises. 

Strengthening up your abdominal muscles can always give you pleasing visual results and often it comes with few other benefits. You can prevent also your lower back pain and back injury that many women suffer from stronger back muscles and abs.

Every work like bend, walk, stand, lift, sit involves back and abs. you can get rid of chronic lower pain with such exercise. 

If you not have been exercising because you don't think you have enough time or don't want to go to the gym. You can just start moving forward by exercising at your own home and doing plenty of abs exercises to flatten up your tummy and lose belly fat.

It doesn't take a lot of fancy gym equipment or a personal trainer to whip you into shape. All you really need to lose belly fat is 3 good full-body workouts per week and it can give you a simultaneous cardio and muscle toning workout in one.

This can be easily accomplished with mostly bodyweight exercises for the upper and lower body. 

If you want to have the best result of your exercise, you need to train the abs from different angles. There are actually four different muscle groups that we have in the midsection of our body TVA, transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis and also the external and internal oblique. We use them each and every time we make the moves.

If you want to get the abs fast from the comfort of your home, you need to select the perfect combination exercise that may target the different parts of our abdominal wall. There is no necessity for any type of exclusive gym equipment, expensive membership charges, uncomfortably exercising in front of other people.

These are some easy exercises to achieve abs. Some easy exercises to start with:

All Busters:

If you have a yoga ball in your home, you can do this exercise beautifully. Just lay on your back on your yoga ball. Lie down with your knees then properly bent at a 90-degree angle and have any member of your family to hold firmly your feet down. Lie down on your back by holding a small 5 pound or 2.5kg weight behind neck crunching up. Then curl your torso inwards towards your belly button and at the same time turn up your pelvic muscles. 


Just lie down peacefully on your yoga mat on the hold the anklet of your workout partner. Bring your legs up and tell the partner push down them to the floor. It is necessary to keep the proper resistance when you are pushing down your legs. You will get the benefit of similar resistance that you can achieve with a bulky gym tool. 

Some other basic exercises that you can try in home are like:

Basic Crunches

You need to lie down on the floor with knees bent, place hands behind your head. Taking a deep breath, lift up your shoulders. The strain should be felt on the abs and never the neck. Go back to the lying position while exhaling. Initially do 50-55 reps and you need to increase it gradually. 

Roman Crunch

You can try the Roman crunch. You need to lie down in the same position as the basic crunches. Then raise your shoulders and as you do so, lift up your right knee. Go back to your starting position. Repeat it also with the left knee.

Straight Impact

For this, while lying down, you have to keep your knees straight. Lift up your shoulders, while putting the strain on the abs. This is a very good exercise that you can try at home for the lower abs.

Bicycle Crunches

This is one of the bests and most effective home abs workout. You need to lie on your back with your hips and then bent at 90 degrees and keep your hands behind your head. Curling your body forward, bring your right knee to your left elbow and extend the right leg out. While keeping the shoulders off the floor, you need to keep alternating from left to right, bringing the opposite knees and elbows together. 


This is another great workout program that you can practice at your home to get a similar result. Sit down properly on the butt. Then spread your legs while keeping the back part straight. Take a barbell and set it behind the head. Now start twisting your body starting from the waist but not from legs or hips. This workout will work on your sides and you can add easily weights to the barbell for even more of a workout.

Knee Ups: 

For flat tummy or abs, you can try this workout at your home too. Lie down flat on the back then gradually lift up your thigh and feet from the floor and make an ‘L’ shape posture. Curl down your hips properly toward the lower spine and then rotate your pelvis backwards. 

Cross Crunch:

 This workout is more like the regular crunch. You need to lay down on your flat on the floor while keeping your hands behind your head and then place your right leg across the left knee. Now gradually lift up the upper part of your body and have the left elbow toward the left knee. Then breathe out slowly and flex the abs. Now contract the abs before returning to the previous position from where you have started. 

The Pelvic Tilt:

This is another easy workout that you can perform at your home. Lie down completely on the mat but on the back only. Flatten up your arms against the floors. Now you need to lift up the lowered torso in an upward motion and hold in this position for a few seconds. Then do the lower torso and also repeat the form. This is not a difficult workout but this is truly a good exercise posture to work on the lower abs. 

Ab crunches

If you are really interested in the best home ab workout that is suitable for women, then it is really important to know the right way to perform crunches. This is one of the most powerful exercises that you can try to build up the strong ab muscles. But performing this exercise is quite easier. You can start the exercise by laying the back flat on the mat. Now bend the knees and put your hand behind the head and but make sure that your lower back is properly straight. You need to lift the upper part of your body. It will make your ab muscles to contract and you need to hold this position for a few seconds. Repeat this process for 10 times minimum and perform at least 2 sets. 

Kettlebell swings 

When you are looking for the most impactful exercise for the women, it can give you hard-hitting strength and right cardio exercise at your home. This single lift can incorporate approx hundred of your working muscles at a time and it requires 80% effort from your body.

This is a perfect total body workout for your body. To execute this exercise, you need to pick up the bell with both of your hands. You can perform swing in different ways. Pick up the bell and stand with the feet at about shoulder width distance apart. Now make the kettlebell to hang at the groin and your body should be locked out. 

Now you need to perform the hip snap motion that is an action that needs to continuously and forcefully extend and flex at both your knees and hips. This specific action is important as it allows you to generate the important force that requires swinging the bell back and forth like the pendulum.

While doing the exercise, you need to maintain the integrity of arc of motion with each of the swing of this bell. To do the process, start by bringing out the bell at the eye or chest level and need the shoulders retracted and keep the abs tight with every repetition.

Breathe forcefully with every repetition and it will help you to maintain the constant support and tension throughout your midsection and core. Don’t allow any type of break in the wrist the locked out the wrist when performing the rep at the top of this swing.

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